Thermostatic Products

Expert in thermostatic cartridges for shower mixer taps, but not only! Discover all our thermostatic products. What is thermostatic? Thermostatic is the technology that allows to maintain a precise temperature. It is called thermostatic regulation. Its applications are multiple. In the bathroom and kitchen, thermostatic technology is integrated into a mixing valve to obtain water at the chosen temperature. In heating, it is present inside the radiator head or the underfloor heating valve, so that you can heat your home according to your needs, room by room. The undeniable advantage of this technology? Precision! With our thermostatic products, choose peace of mind for all the little things you do every day. Let thermostatic solutions take care of you.

Thermostatic Cartridges - Shower

Vernet thermostatic cartridges are present in 95% of the thermostatic mixers. Although our cartridges are of high quality and certified 100% authentic, it is still necessary to think about changing it when it reaches the end of its life!

Thermostatic heating products

Discover our thermostatic products for floor heating systems: servomotors. Thanks to our products, make the most of the heat from your floor and optimize your comfort.

Trains thermostatic products

From sanitary to mobility, our expertise covers the entire thermostatic sector. Discover here our thermostatic products for trains.

Boats thermostatic products

You have a boat and need to replace a thermostatic product? This is the place to do it.

How does it work?

At the heart of each thermostatic product is a small piece, called a thermostatic element.

Inside this element is a wax-based paste. When this paste heats up, it expands and gains volume, which pushes the metal rod of the element (the piston). It is this movement that is the basis of the operation of the applications. It will allow the adjustment of hot and cold water or air supply.

In fact, the thermostatic element is an intelligent, autonomous and extremely precise thermometer. It analyzes its environment without you asking it to, in order to guarantee the desired temperature.

Would you like to see a tutorial on how to install a thermostatic cartridge on a thermostatic mixing valve? Just click here!

Need help?

Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have. Are you looking for a specific thermostatic product? You need an explanation on how to install your product? Let us help you!